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The Artist

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. My mother encouraged my desire to draw and paint and from the moment I could hold a pencil or brush, I was creating art.

I received a BS in Art Education and an MA in Sculpture. While an undergraduate, I took a course in textile design and discovered a love for weaving. After graduation, I became an art teacher, then sweater designer, graphic designer and a marketing professional. 

Digital design was my medium from my graphic design years and I wanted to combine the digital world with my love of weaving; thus was born my digital woven art — digital imagery woven together on high-tension tapestry looms, warped with monofilament fishing line or wire. My work starts with a digital photograph or painting, over-painted and drawn upon and layered with color. I have developed a unique approach where I “weave” portions of several digitally manipulated images directly on the computer screen. The final “digitally woven” image is printed on special paper and/or metal, cut into strips and then woven together to create the final art piece. The 3-dimensional quality of the woven form adds another dimension to the piece, creating texture and light.

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My relationships have colored my world and have led me down a path of exploration and discovery. First there are the faces I see on family and friends. These relationships are presented in the very diverse landscape of portraits I call FACEscapes.

My LANDscapes reflect a moment in time at locations that are important to me. MEMORYscapes reflect my relationship to memories, dreams, karmic bonds, spirit.

Beholder's Eye series explores the concept of "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." This new series expresses one view of the images' inherent qualities as they relate to beautiful or unappealing, exciting or boring, brilliant or dull. One expression of beauty may appear as quite unappealing to another; yet when taken apart or viewed from another perspective, may reveal a new and beautiful reality.

My LOSS/FOUND series documents a series of personal losses over the past several years. Loss comes in many disguises  physically, mentally, spiritually. The first response is often panic, not understanding anything beyond the pain and suffering. But then time passes and awareness settles in and the sadness is transmuted into colors, patterns and ideas that inspire growth. 

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