About the Artist

I live in New York City. My professional career spans teaching art, sweater design and the creative direction of graphics & communication in the corporate world of finance, retail and fashion. 

RELATIONALshifts Digital Woven Art expresses my relationships to the worlds around me. My art is digital imagery woven together on high-tension tapestry looms, warped with monofilament fishing line, paper or wire.  

My work starts with a digital photograph or painting, over-painted and drawn upon and layered with color. I have developed a unique approach where I “weave” portions of several digitally manipulated images directly on the computer screen. The final “digitally woven” image is printed on special paper and/or metal, cut into strips and then woven together to create the final art piece. The 3-dimensional quality of the woven form adds another dimension to the piece, creating texture and light.